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Inaugural Year Donations

Thank You to All Inaugural Year Scholarship Donors!

As of August 2023, TPMA & TPMF have partnered to set up a direct donor fund with UTRGV. Donations, memorials and gifts can be directly processed online to the school using our NEW FUND LINK.

This direct scholarship fund will be given out annually by the school to deserving students. Watch for fundraisers to increase our fund scholarships!

For personal larger endowment gifts, contact the UTRGV development office at or contact TPMF as a resource at

Inaugural Donors (As of 6/27/23)

General Donors

Dr. Maria Buitrago
Dr. Neil Campbell
Lance Ellis
Dr. Francs Lagrone
Dr. Scott McKinney
Krista Richter
Dr. Steve Stanton
Dr. Luis Venegas
Dr. Joe Caporusso
Dr. Leon Brill
Drs. Matthew & Andrea Rockett
Drs. James & Teresa Barrios Ogden
Dr. Scott Margolis
Dr. Lacey Clawson
Dr. Jeff Ross
Dr. Paul Kim
Dr. Kyle Ballew

$5,000 or Above Level Donors

Texas Podiatric Medical Foundation
Dr. James & Elizabeth Kutchback
Dr. Steve Brancheau
Dr. Dan Bhakta
Dr. Jason Miller
Dr. Paul & Bonnie Schwarzentraub - RC Foundation
Dr. David Blumfield & Dr. Jorge Matuk - Podiatry Associates of Houston
Dr. Tom Garrison - In Memory of Dr. Oran Burnett
Dr. Billy Westbrook
Dr. Scott & Mrs.McKinney
Krista Richter

Dr. & Mrs. John R. Gouin, Dr. & Mrs. Stan Churchwell, Vascular Institute, Friends & Colleagues -
In Memory of Dr. Sam Mendicino

$10,000 or Above Level Donors

Texas Podiatric Medical Association
Podiatry Associates of Victoria

2023 Bandera Attendee Donors
Dr. Steve Brancheau
Dr. Daniel Waldman
Dr. Javier LaFontaine
Dr. Patrick Briggs
Dr. Steve Lieberson
Dr. Travis Boedeker
Dr. Richard Rees
Dr. Neil Campbell
Dr. Roger Moblad
Dr. Doug Murdoch
Dr. Kent Stahl
Dr. Michael Valenza
Dr. Dwight Volling
Dr. Colin Pehde
Jeni Williams, Sagis DX
Benjamin Pogue, FreeLifeLabs

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