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Resident Grants

MISSION GRANT: Any Texas resident or fourth-year podiatry students may apply for a mission travel grant. A request can be emailed to Grants are limited.

The TPMF supports at least one mission annually and is generally 6 days providing clinic, surgery and shoes to orphanages. Residents must have director permission. Passports are required.


ANNUAL CASE SCHOLARSHIP GRANTS: Click here for current Texas Resident Case Scholarship & poster abstract info: application form (PDF) or application form (Word)

Congratulations to TPMF 2022 Resident Grant Winners!

Thank you to our scholarship review committee and to our sponsors for your support of our awards:

  • $750 Humanitarian Grant Award - Frances Lagrone, BSW

  • $750 Reconstruction Case Grant Award - Eric Duffin-Hunt

  • $1,000 Memorial Chronic Pain Case Grant Award - Jaskern Dhami (KW)

  • $500 Dermatology Case Grant Award - Sponsored by Sagis - Omead Barari (St Jo)

  • $500 Biomechanics Case Grant Award - Sponsored by Mile High Orthotics - Jaskern Dhami (KW)

    Congratulations to TPMF 2021 Scholarship Winners!

  • Humanitarian Outreach Paper Grant - Eric Duffin, DPM

  • Memorial Case Grant - Christine Joshua, DPM

  • Alternative Pain Management Case Grant - Jaskern Dhami, DPM

  • Atypical Clubfoot Case Treatment Poster Award - Alden Simmons, DPM & Mario Reyes, DPM

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