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Indigent Patient Resource Network

Texas Networking for Indigent Patient Care:
The TPMF is working on creating partnerships with other indigent networks in Dallas, Austin & San Antonio. Watch for further details for these areas. For rural areas where there are no networks in place, as a TPMA member , you can contact the TPM Foundation Indigent Patient Committee and request assistance or funding for hard goods. All requests are based on current donations available.

To request assistance with request for Diabetic shoes, DME, medical supplies or treatments for indigent patients that come in to a Texas DPM office, contact or any TPMF Board member.

The TPMF has committed to coordinating resources to serve the indigent patients of Texas. the first step of the project has been completed and includes a liaison with Gateway of Care of Greater Houston. Dr. Don Falknor of Houston has worked with Gateway for over one year and shares his experience: "Most Podiatrist have a desire to give back to the community and provide help to those that need help but can't afford it. I want to help others but I want to know if the patient I am helping really needs help. I also don't have time to spend traveling to outlying clinics to treat the indigent. Gateway To Care of Houston area provides the ability to provide charity work without a lot of hassle. They screen the patients, refer them to your office , re-evaluates them and the best part is they work with your schedule. It is your choice how many indigent patients you want to treat. "

Gateway To Care Provider Health Network is based on a national model called Project Access where a network of physicians and health care providers have agreed to see on a charity basis low income , uninsured patients who are pre-screened and determined eligible for the program. Patients eligibility is based on not having any insurance coverage, being at 150% or below the federal poverty level and must be referred by a Gateway physician or participating clinic. Currently, Gateway has over 800 participating physicians and 34 hospitals/ clinics. They are a non -profit entity and have provided over 8 million in charity care since 2005.

The TPMF Indigent Patient Program for Houston will be a liaison with Gateway To Care PHN. The TPMF is approved as a partner with Gateway and any of our physician members can refer indigent patients to Gateway. DPMs will just need to download the attached pledge card and send it in to Gateway to become a participating physician. The only commitment is to provide services based on the number of patients you want to see annually 1 - 100. It is your choice.

TPMF has begun work to raise grant monies to provide to reimburse our participating DPMs for hard expenses in caring for the indigent of Houston area. Doctors must donate their time, but TPMF will provide Gateway funds to reimburse as possible for hard goods, ie DME, Medicines, etc. Therefore making it easier to care for those that need it.

How do I become involved?
1) Download the Pledge Card and send in to Gateway
2) To get patients : Refer indigent patients that show up at your office to Gateway or participating clinics OR Gateway will refer patients to you with your permission. Patient Consent for Charitable Services is required - Download Consent Form.
3) Read the FAQ questions attached in working with Gateway of Houston. Contact TPMF with any questions.
4) Take advantage of Gateway as a resource for indigent care thought their hotline and website.

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